House Hunting in Ontario... The Right Realtor Will Find the Best Fit!

The real estate process is a complex game. Buy low, sell high, know the market conditions. Because of this, working with a well established real estate representative, who understands the local market,   your needs, and listens to your exact specifications, will make the process of buying a home (and possibly selling your home you're currently living in), all the more enjoyable. Homebuyers looking for a property in Alliston, Everett, Barrie, and the surrounding areas, you want to work with a Real Estate Brokerage that's knowledgeable about the area, the homes, home values, and the evaluation process, to help you find the perfect property. Welcome Home Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage is here to help! 

Your Needs as a Buyer, are the Most Important Factor

The reason we are in business is because of YOU! Without buyers, we wouldn't have a business to help people find their dream home. Therefore, we place your needs first. We listen to your preferences and “I wants” of buying. 

Our Real Estate Brokerage considers

  • Your desired location
  • Your budget
  • How much you can afford for a down payment
  • Your time constraints
  • Your need for a yard, extra bathroom, or room for expansion if you want to have a family... and so forth

We will never push our values on you. We listen to your values. We will never put you in a compromising position or make you feel pressured to make a decision on the spot. Our Real Estate Brokerage wants to make the process for you to buy a home as stress-free as possible, and as enjoyable as possible for you and or your family.

Area Knowledge to Pinpoint the Perfect Home for Your Family

We are well versed in the Ontario area Real Estate market. If your family wants a 3-bed, 2-bath home, in a great school district, with a huge backyard and nearby parks, we will have the knowledge of a great location to take you in Alliston, Everett, and all of Simcoe County.   Should Barrie be your desired neighborhood, we will map out the areas, which are likely to have homes fitting your budget and requirements. We have the knowledge and follow the Real Estate trends. We analyze the market and conditions. We can determine where the best school districts are, medical centers, dentists, and most expected amenities, and even where your favorite movie theater is.  What more can you ask for, when shopping for a home?

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience in Buying/Selling Homes

Experience matters in real estate. If a seller is trying to pass one over your head, an experienced agent will spot it quickly and efficiently.  Especially if they're working with a seller's agent trying to sell quickly, or accepting a very low offer, we will find out why. We have over 20 years of experience as a buyer and seller agent. Therefore, we understand the market, trends, fluctuations in pricing, and area trends, since we've seen them fluctuate so much over the years. 

Our Real Estate Representatives will answer questions, direct you accordingly, help you understand why a "good" price, might not really be that good, and help you find the perfect home for your family's needs.

A Plan, Tailored to Making an Offer, Acceptance, and Signing on the Dotted Line.

Okay... it's never really that easy, but it can be when you choose the right Representatives. When you choose Welcome Home Real Estate Limited, Brokerage to assist you in the home buying process, we go in with a plan. 

We will:

  • Fully view the home you're considering making an offer on to ensure there are no surprises. (no major damage, issues with the title, land disputes, etc.)
  • Help you set an offer that's in line with other properties in the area
  • Focus on finding a property that fits your budget, rather than trying to push you to buy something you can't afford.
  • Working the buy/sell transaction as seamlessly and quickly as possible, from obtaining a lender to making a down payment, and signing the purchase agreement
  • We will be with you every step of the way

We go in with a plan, and that plan revolves specifically around your needs as a buyer (not our desire to earn a higher commission). We listen to your likes/dislikes, fully understand your budget, and work to make sure the home's asking price, is in line with the local area's mean price point. If it is too high, we will let you know.  If the price is too low, we'll dig into it and find out why. Regardless of what you're looking for, our plan revolves around your needs and helping you buy a home that suits you and or your family and the price point you're comfortable paying for that home.

We are dedicated to making the process of buying or selling your home as simple as possible. Welcome Home Real Estate Ltd, Brokerage takes the guesswork out of the process, answers your questions, and provides honest insight to help you find the perfect property. If we are the perfect Brokerage for you, we will find the perfect home for you and your family. Contact Welcome Home Real Estate Ltd, Brokerage, today if you're looking for industry experts with over 20 years experience in real estate transactions, a great reputation, and in-depth knowledge of Alliston, Barrie, and the surrounding market areas in Ontario. Don't hesitate to contact us to ask questions or for guidance in the purchase process, we are here to help!